Achieve Sustainability Goals With Terrascope’s FLAG Module

Estimate your carbon footprint and manage emissions with an AI-assisted decarbonisation platform.
Developed with the Forest, Land, and Agriculture sectors in mind.

Why Use Emissions Tracking Software From Terrascope

Try a completely transparent carbon footprint management system
that assesses all emissions factors and simplifies external audits.

Deep expertise in measuring the carbon footprint of food and agriculture value chains. You’ll be guided by experts in GHG accounting and get support for strategic planning.

Set and report goals in compliance with the latest global standards: SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative), FLAG guidelines, and the GHG Protocol.

Cutting-edge tools help measure the carbon footprint 5x faster compared to conventional methodology, simulate decarbonisation scenarios, and compare their impact to improve your net-zero strategy.

Exploring Our Clients’ Feedback

Terrascope has simplified carbon emission accounting for hundreds of companies worldwide.
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"We certainly appreciate the speed, expertise and comprehensive nature of Terrascope as we embark on our first steps in measuring scope 3 carbon footprint. Terrascope translates our Emissions into reporting in a friendly way and across business sectors, allowing the data to be used beyond our sustainability team. It is particularly important that we could understand the confidence of the data and take actions to improve."

David McDiarmid
Corporate Relations Director
of Princes

"Partnering with Terrascope has brought clarity to our emissions understanding, providing us with actionable insights on our emission hotspots. We're now working with Terrascope to help build a tracking platform to monitor our emissions footprint, in line with our mission of 'Embracing the Environment, Empowering People'."

Ho Ren Yung
Deputy Managing Director
of Banyan Group

"The Terrascope platform not only provided us with a comprehensive analysis of our indirect emission hotspots, but their team of sustainability experts also partnered with us to explore strategies for reducing emissions and ensuring our supply chain is prepared for the future."

Masayoshi Urano
of MC Agri Alliance

"The Terrascope platform has been invaluable in helping us understand our unit carbon emissions and identifying opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. The insights provided by Terrascope have helped us build towards a more resilient supply chain that is better prepared for the future"

Rex Macaskill
Group CEO
of Pokka

How the Terrascope Platform Works

Submit your data or use sector-specific templates

Terrascope processes information, creates data profiles, and identifies gaps in data quality. An AI-powered carbon accounting platform provides insights into drivers and boundaries 5 times faster compared to manual input and analysis.

Assess emissions and FLAG inventory

Terrascope’s carbon footprint software helps to measure scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 emissions comprehensively. Analyse land use and land management emissions, hotspots by processes, facilities, or countries, and define the points requiring increased attention.

Plan emission reductions

Handle carbon accounting (Scope 1, 2, 3) and check the impact of specific actions through 'what-if' simulations. Use a carbon emissions calculator and receive tailored recommendations from Terrascope’s Sustainability Experts and Carbon Data Analysts.

Implement changes and monitor progress

Track your emissions to evaluate progress towards your net zero goals. Provide your teams throughout the value chain with transparent dashboards, seamlessly operate Scope 3 emission reporting, and share other records with external stakeholders.

Get Insights From Our Case Studies

MC Agri Alliance

Food import and distribution


MC Agri Alliance aimed to optimise its supply chain, focusing on environmental impact and potential future sustainability requirements.

Terrascope uses:

  • Identifying the ways to reduce Scope 3 emissions

  • Matching activities with emission factors

  • Simulating and comparing reduction scenarios


With Terrascope’s help, MC Agri Alliance discovered its emissions hotspots, and also identified an alternative shipping and roasting strategy with the potential to reduce one of their key commodities’ carbon footprint by 25%.

Terrascope Has You Covered Along the Whole Decarbonisation Journey

  • Determining your company or product’s carbon footprint, and opportunities for its reduction

  • Ensuring alignment with current SBTi FLAG guidelines

  • Creating action plans and tracking their progress

  • Establishing cross-team efforts on decarbonisation initiatives

Start your smart carbon measurement and management today